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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, the entire installation process, from commencement to completion, will be conducted at no cost, provided your property and you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Not necessarily. Effective from June 30th, 2022, eligibility is not solely determined by benefit status. While certain conditions must be met, they are not based on financial means. However, if you are a recipient of specific benefits listed (e.g., Child Benefit, Universal Credit, etc.), you may qualify for the scheme.

No, the entire program is fully funded, and there are no subsequent repayment requirements. Everything is yours to keep!

Indeed, all installed products come with varying warranties, ensuring some level of manufacturer or workmanship guarantee.

Should you move, the enhancements made to the property may increase its value and enhance its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, making it more attractive to potential buyers. However, the property may not qualify for additional grants for the subsequent ten years.

Due to data protection reasons, we are unable to share specific installation data. However, you can visit our TrustPilot page here to read over 700 reviews from our customers.

Energy providers with over 250,000 customers are mandated to levy a ‘Green Tax’ on their customers, which is then earmarked to be reinvested into the UK economy to aid in reducing carbon emissions. our customers.

Net Facilities will manage all aspects, from administrative tasks to installations, and provide post-installation support through our exceptional after-care service.

We anticipate that all pertinent documentation will be dispatched to you within 6 weeks of the final installation.

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